Oregon marijuana dispensary

Bend Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

One common misconception within the medical marijuana industry is the classification of a “dispensary”. The current law in Oregon actually prohibits the verbiage use of the word “dispensary” when describing a “Safe Access Provider” what most providers fail to realize is that since a doctor cannot refer a marijuana patient to a single marijuana dispensary, so the patients are left with no place to get their actual medicine. Our bend Oregon marijuana doctors location has a solution for that and it’s called Potlocator.com. We refer all of our patients to go to this site since there is a listing of all Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries.

According to the Oregon state website, as is, SB874:

Provides that registry identification cardholders and designated primary caregivers may be responsible for indoor marijuana grow site.
Directs State Department of Agriculture to establish registration system for marijuana farms.
Directs State Board of Pharmacy to adopt rules allowing pharmacy or pharmacist to purchase marijuana from marijuana farm and dispense usable marijuana to registry identification cardholders.
Declares emergency, effective on passage.